Business Intelligence

Today’s government managers repeatedly issue time sensitive requests for information. But accessing and locating useful information from numerous disparate stovepipes of data can often take days or weeks.Capriccio Software, Inc. is the trusted solution provider of Business Intelligence to numerous United States Marine Corps programs. Our experience spans from the large ACAT III Total Force Structure Management (TFSMS) program deployed across the Marine Corps enterprise to niche programs with heavy stores of data such as the Civilian Workforce Development (CWDA). Capriccio Business Intelligence solutions include: 

Data RetrievalData CleansingAnalytical Cubes (OLAP)Decision Support ReportingIntranet / Internet Dashboards and Display

Capriccio Software, Inc. is proud to be an IBM Advanced Partner for Business Analytics, providing professional services for their suite of Cognos Business Intelligence Tools.


Total Force Structure Management System (TFSMS)

JBook Automation

IBM Partner Mark



United States Army Rapid Equipping Force

National Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation (NBIRR)

Untited States Navy Joint Counter Radio Controlled Explosive Weapons Division

Software Development

Capriccio Software was founded on a realization that most Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products are geared towards commercial business and often require very complex and costly customization to meet the unique needs of the government process. Traditional Government Off-the-Shelf (GOTS) software, which is funded by the government and built by a software contractor, is often inherently risky, inflates development costs and the provider often retains proprietary rights. Additionally, by the time the Government receives their custom application, it is often procedurally and technologically outdated.Capriccio Software solves this inherent problem by utilizing a hybrid of the COTS and GOTS options. We begin with our Fuzion Platform which is your 85% solution. Fuzion coupled with an Agile Software Development methodology will result in a business process application that fits your organization’s existing workflow instead of changing your workflow to fit the software.Our custom software applications have retired numerous outdated and unsupported legacy systems while drastically improving efficiency.Our project with the Army Rapid Equipping Force reduced their business process from 248 days to less than 50 days. Additionally, now that data entry is being done in one system spanning several business functions, data integrity has improved significantly.Capriccio Software's work with the Office of Secretary Defense resulted in the automating a reporting feature. The OSD calculated that approximately 50 users saved 40 man-hours quarterly and $650,000 a year.



Capriccio Software, Inc. believes that tools are only as useful as those that can utilize them. Our approach is to develop customized training programs meaningful to your organization’s specific use of business intelligence tools, custom software applications, or our commercial Fuzion and SentryPoint products. Commercial Off the Shelf Training programs often lack the necessary modules that allow your organization to understand the specific application of the variety of tools we support within your environment. We offer instructor led, web based instructor-led and web based self-paced training programs to fit your client needs.



The Capriccio team is highly experienced in a wide range of programming technologies.  Below is a brief list of our programming capabilities:

Microsoft Technologies

  • Microsoft .Net (VB, C# & ASP.Net) Custom Software Solutions
  • Microsoft SQL Server (2000, 2005 & 2008) Database Design, Implementation, Maintenance & Administration
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Services & Portal
  • Custom Office System Solutions (Word, Excel, Access, Project, InfoPath)

Oracle Technologies

  • 9i & 10g Database Database Design & Implementation
  • Database Maintenance & Administration
  • Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Oracle Application Server Oracle Collaboration Suite 11i Application Stack

Cognos Technologies

  • Cognos Impromptu & Cognos PowerPlay
  • Cognos ReportNet
  • Cognos Business Intelligence 8
  • Cognos Planning (Analyst & Contributor)

XML Transformation and Data Sharing

  • XSD / XSLT
  • SOAP
  • NIEM
  • LEXS


  • Livelink ECM