The NBIRR platform manages patient personal information, patient test results, and patient treatment history for the NBIRR clinical trial. The platform supports multiple nationwide sites and multiple users and was approved by the Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB) for use in tracking and reporting the clinical trial results. Capriccio also designed a public facing web site ( for information sharing and document management and a fund raising site ( for the clinical trial.


  • SSL protected Web-based clinical trial management system used to manage all aspects of a clinical trial across multiple treatment facility sites and multiple user roles.
  • Integrated and definable visual workflow used to guide physicians and technicians through an approved treatment process.
  • Security controls restrict site data to users at their respective treatment sites.
  • Auto generated unique patient identifier for each patient in the system
  • Stores patient personal info and demographic information
  • Digital Medical Record stores appointments, test results, treatments, and diagnoses for clinical trial participants with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Test result forms include: ANAM, CNSVS, Combat Experience Scale, DAST, DVBIC, Finger Tapping, GAD7, Green WMT, Grooved Pegboard, MAST, PCLM, Percent Back to Normal, PHQ15, PHQ9, REY Audio Visual, Rivermead, Rivermead Behavioral Memory, Stroop, TOVA, WAIS, WASI, Wechslar Memory Scale, and WTAR.
  • Patients' personal info is restricted to only users that directly interface with the patient.
  • System auditors and study officials only have access to generalized patient results, not specific personal information.
  • System reports are available throughout the application and can be designed with a robust Windows client application against any data in the system.
  • Data stored in an enterprise hosting environment.
  • Public facing web portal used to communicate NBIRR to the public
  • Online version controlled document management system