IBM Cognos Enterprise Planner (EP) is a software solution which enables top-down and bottom-up forecasting and budgeting capabilities for enterprise organizations. Capriccio utilized EP to automate an Excel workbook with 120+ worksheets, known as the Justification Book, or J-Book, for the Programs and Resources (P&R) Division of the United States Marine Corps. Capriccio worked with the customer to elicit more than 3000 specific requirements and architectural constraints which led to a web-based solution allowing all stakeholders in the budget and forecasting process to enter data and manage workflow on the web. This greatly streamlined the process of gathering thousands of data points from multiple, disconnected, and complicated spreadsheets. The final solution included an EP Analyst model as well as an EP Contributor web application. Capriccio also provided extensive reporting capabilities by integrating the Marine Corps' budget data with the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence suite. Data from the budget model and other data sources were used to generate standard and analytical reports.   In addition to modeling and report design, Capriccio architected and installed the EP server stack and worked with the Marine Corps' Information Assurance division to accredit the installation and ensure all network security requirements were met.