Capriccio Software, Inc. is a commerical software vendor and professional services organization headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia located approximately 45 minutes south of the nation's capitol. Capriccio currently develops and markets one commercial software product and is engaged in various professional services projects.
Capriccio Software, Inc. provides professional services in the classified IT arena as well as Business Intelligence and Microsoft .Net development services on several Department of Defense contracts. Capriccio also provides professional services to organizations who require additional implementation and training services while rolling onto our Capriccio Fuzion platform.

Capriccio Fuzion is an Enterprise Application Suite which allows businesses of all sizes to manage most aspects of their company in a single hosted solution. Fuzion empowers small businesses with the same software traditionally only available to large enterprises due to the extremely high cost of ownership. Capriccio's Software as a Service (SaaS) hosting allows our clients to avoid the high cost of IT server and support staff because we take care of all those complexities and enable our clients to focus on their business instead.

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Capriccio Software, Inc. provides training for Capriccio Fuzion as well as the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Suite.